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Health screening with BioResonance
Intolerance/Sensitivity Testing
When was the last time you woke up feeling energised, positive and completely well? Suffering from headaches, indigestion, anxiety, bloatedness, constipation, IBS, fatigue or any other common ailments is NOT NORMAL. And you should feel better after a meal, not worse. If you suffer from any of these symptoms or feel overweight or underweight, it is time to fight back, test for sensitivities/intolerances and reclaim your wellness.
Typical causes of allergies and sensitivities are foods, food additives, gluten, environmental allergens, dust, parasites/viruses/Candida, domestic chemicals, chemicals in toiletries, etc.
Using our bio-resonance machines we can check many substances against your body. The test is based on electro-dermal screening, i.e. non-invasive and not painful. The test results are printable and available instantly.

If you are a parent and your child suffers from:
Behaviour problems
Poor performance at school
Mood swings
Asthma or chronic coughing
Hay fever
Ear infection
Food cravings,
it could be because your child is sensitive to certain foods. We can test children from a young age.

We use a Biomeridian computerised tester. The test is performed so that the client is seated and holding on a brass electrode in one hand, while the practitioner is applying another electrode to the other hand. This connects the client to the tester, and various items then tested. A graph is displayed through each individual test allowing to visualise the screening process.  
Test Sets
We can personalise tests for your needs. The practitioner may have already advised you on some testing options based on the health complaints you presented. Alternatively, you may decide yourself what test combination you prefer. The below are some examples of popular test sets:   
  • Food Intolerances (145 items) & Deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, good bacteria, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids - 50 items).
  • Foods, Deficiencies & Hormones (hormonal imbalances - 30 items).
  • Environmental sensitivities (fungi, parasites, dust, pollens, animals, chemicals, etc.)
  • Full Body Screening - includes food intolerances, nutritional deficiency, hormones, iridology assessment, toxicity and organs related to the toxicity, leaky gut, liver efficiency to neutralise toxins, acid-alkaline balance, heavy metals, Candida, some enviromental sensitivities.
For an appointment or more information on any of our services, please call on
07565825046    or   0161 628 2664
or email to:
From March 2011 due to new legislation, we are not allowed to make claims for treatments that has not been scientifically proven. Most complementary therapies cannot be proven despite having been found to be very effective. All the information you find on this website has not been qualified by Scientific Research and any treatment you undertake will be at your discretion. We believe in our treatments and we have an impressive number of clients who believe in them too.
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